Highland Park 12 yr old Orkneyinga Legacy

Highland Park 12 yr old Orkneyinga LegacyHighland Park 12 Orkneyinga Legacy has been released to honour the proud spirit of Orkney by supporting The Orkneyinga Saga Centre, Orphir, Orkney.

“… he who wrote this record, be who has told it, and all who listen to it may enjoy from that holy knight of God, Earl Magnus, blessing and the answer to their prayers for the remission of their sins and for everlasting joy…”

Orkneyinga Saga, Chapter 57

The Orkneyinga Saga – or The History of the Earls of Orkney – is the only medieval chronicle in which Orkney take centre stage.

Written in the 13th century, from a much earlier oral narrative, it relates the story of the Norse conquest of our islands and the lives of the first Earls who ruled us. Fascinating and bloodthirsty in equal measures!

Orkneyinga Visitor Centre, Orphir

The Parish of Orphir was a centre of power during the early period of Norse rule on Orkney and contains two important Viking-era remains: the drinking hall at Earl’s Bu and Orphir Round Kirk, Scotland’s only surviving circular medieval church.

Today, Orphir is home to the Orkneyinga Saga Centre, bringing Orkney’s early history vividly to life for thousands of visitors, through films, guided tours and exhibitions.

Honouring the proud spirit of Orkney

The purpose of the Orkneyinga Saga Centre is to support Orphir’s historic monuments and our purpose, at Highland Park, is to honour the proud spirit of Orkney. We have released Orkneyinga Legacy to support both of these ambitions.

Orphir Round Kirk

Orphir Round Kirk may have been built by Earl Haakon in the late 11th or early 12th century as penance for his murder of Magnus Erledssonn, who later became St Magnus.

Built at the time of the Great Crusades, the Kirk’s circular design was inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. It survived, almost complete, until the 18th century when, sadly, it was partially demolished, its stones used to build a new parish church that no longer exists.

Highland Park’s purpose is to Honour the proud spirit of Orkney. To support the Orkneyinga Saga Centre, we have released 5,000 bottles of Orkneyinga Legacy and will make a donation to the Centre for every bottle we sell.


Sweet floral honey, rich fruitcake, warm winter spices, orange zest and aromatic smoky peat.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.highlandparkwhisky.com


*Info taken from bottle


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