Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve

Glenlivet Captain's ReserveHere is something different: a whisky inspired by the unique character of its namesake, Captain William, which will take you on a journey from the misty glens of Scottish Speyside to the heart of the Cognac region in France – with every sip.

The Captain, as everybody loved to call him, was an ambitious and determined man who was fighting in France during WW1 when he inherited The Glenlivet Distillery. A good reason why Captain’s Reserve is finished in Cognac Casks, uniting its raisin-rich honey and spicy notes with the smooth citrus flavours of the Glenlivet’s distinctive Speyside style.

Savour this special whisky just as we would – unhurried.

Cask: American/ sherry casks (first Fill) and ex-cognac cask

Colour: Rich gold

Nose: Sweet and fruity aromas of honey and apricot jam, with notes of cinnamon bread and a subtle sensation of spicy liquorice.

Palate: Succulent flavours of mandarins in syrup, ripe poached pears and chocolate-dipped raisins.

Finish: Incredibly smooth and luscious.

Meet The Glenlivet Captain Reserve, a combination of raisin-rich cognac and signature citrus notes married with the creamy smoothness of our one and only, The Glenlivet.

The luscious liquid finds its unique honey and spicy notes through its journey from bourbon and sherry casks to a selective finish in Cognac casks. Bursting in sweet and fruity aromas, The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve shines as a proud celebration of our Speyside craft, taking you on a golden adventure that begins with the finish.

Inspired by Captain Bill Grant Smith, great grandson of our Founder George Smith, our new product will make you wander through the misty glens of Scottish Speyside to the rolling vineyards of French Cognac at every sip. A new taste exploration by The Glenlivet that makes us THE Whisky.


*Info taken from bottle


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