Glenfiddich Reserve Cask – Sherry Casks (Solera Vat No 2)

Glenfiddich Reserve Cask – Sherry CasksBorn of Boldness

William Grant dreamt of building his own distillery and defied all odds to achieve this. He named it Glenfiddich, Gaelic for Valley of the Deer, and the first drop flowed from his stills on Christmas Day 1887. Still proudly family run today, we now have an unrivalled collection of rare and exquisite casks.

Our Innovation

Cask Collection is created using our pioneering Solera Vat system. These bespoke wooden vats are where the magic happens. Always at least half full, they marry Glenfiddich malts matured in different oak casks to give infinite richness and complexity.

Reserve Cask

Our Malt Master carefully selects Glenfiddich whiskies exclusively matured in Oloroso sherry casks to impart notes of warm vanilla, deep rich fruits and subtle oaky tannins.

Our innovative Cask Collection Solera Vat No.2 marries these layers of flavour together to create this deliciously rich and mellow Glenfiddich Reserve Cask.

Tasting Notes:


Dark golden, walnut.


A bold, vibrant aroma with an abundance of spice and oak. Fresh toasted white bread with marmalade. Antique leather and parchment.


Deliciously smooth and silky. The sweetness of the spirit and spice of the Spanish oak combine to give a complex, intriguing flavour that evolves in the glass.


Very long lasting with an enduring sweetness.


*Info taken from bottle


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