Dewar’s The Ancestor 12 Year Old

Dewar's The Ancestor 12 Year Old Dewar’s The Ancestor 12 Year Old blended Scotch whisky married in oak casks. Double Aged for Extra Smoothness.

Aged in hand selected reserve casks for twelve years, this whisky has long been admired as The Ancestor.


  • Honey, home-made toffee apples and fudge.
  • Warm, buttery and mellow.
  • Juicy sultanas and fresh citrus, with subtle vanilla.
  • Clean, full and lively.
  • RICH
  • Melted caramel with a trace of oak.
  • Rounded, smooth and long.

The Dewar family have lived in rural Perthshire, Scotland for generations. John Dewar, born 1805, founded his business in 1846 and pioneered the art of carefully blending up to 40 single malt and single grain whiskies together to make a Scotch that was fine, smooth and never varied.

We’re proud to have been suppliers to the Royal household for over 100 years and in that time we’ve become the most awarded blended Scotch in the world.

Over 100 years ago Dewar’s pioneered the technique of allowing the single malts and single grains to “marry” together in vintage oak casks for several months after blending. As any expert on blending will tell you, this process makes our Scotch incredibly smooth, with the many subtle layers of flavour in perfect harmony.

At Aberfeldy in the heart of the Highlands, John’s sons built a distillery to make the Single Malt that shapes the honeyed, rich flavour of our Scotch. There’s gold in the water source… but that’s another story.

John Alexander Dewar

Born in 1856, John Alexander Dewar took the Dewar’s helm as a young man of just 24 but his entrepreneurial attitude fitted the times exactly. He appointed A.J. Cameron as Master Blender, who pioneered the technique of marrying the whiskies together in oak casks after blending.

Tommy Robert Dewar

Born 1864, Tommy Dewar was the maverick brother, a renowned wit and raconteur at the forefront of cocktail culture. He was a genius for publicity, making the first film adverts and travelling the world to extol the virtues of his fine, smooth Scotch.


*Info taken from bottle and website


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