Highland Park 10yr Old – Rebus 30 Rankin

Highland Park 10yr Old - Rebus 30 RankinRebus 30 Rankin

Celebrating 30 years of Inspector John Rebus 1987 – 2017.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of one of fiction’s most enduring and best-loved characters. Created by a legend of British Crime, Ian Rankin, Rebus first appeared in Knots and Crosses and 30 years later the irascible old rogue remains a firm favourite amongst readers all over the world.

Centuries before Orkney became part of Scotland, it belonged to a vast Viking Kingdom. Then in 1798, our distillery was founded by Magnus Eunson, a direct descendent of those early Viking settlers, his legendary smuggling activities caused more than a few issues with the authorities…

This 10 year old single malt is a tribute to those with a strong independent spirit and know their own mind. Best shared with friends or when enjoying a dark crime novel.


The Rebus novels have been translated into 36 languages and are much-loved, global bestsellers, so we were delighted to be invited to collaborate with Ian Rankin to celebrate this important anniversary of a great literary creation, with a very special edition of Highland Park. Our 10 Year Old single malt was selected as the perfect tribute to an iconic detective who, like our whisky, truly stands apart. REBUS30 10 Year Old celebrates strong and independent spirits who know their own mind… and, like that irascible rogue Rebus, aren’t afraid to speak it!

Tasting Notes

Colour – Natural colour, Light and golden (average colour tint 10.8)

Flavours – Mature citrus fruits, creamy vanilla, a hint of peppery spice, heather peat and light smoke.

An intensely balanced dram fit for a detective who truly stands apart.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.highlandparkwhisky.com

*Info taken from bottle and website


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