Glen Grant 12 year old

Glen Grant 12 year old

Glen Grant is the testament of Major James Grant’s brilliant mind. He created tall slender stills and unique purifiers to capture only the finest vapours from the raw elements of the heartland.

With an ingenious mind and a charismatic personality, James Grant, “the Major”, was only twenty five when he inherited the Glen Grant Distillery in Rothes, Speyside. A forward thinking and unconventional man, he personally designed innovative tall slender pot stills with unique purifiers to achieve his vision of a seductively smooth, fruity, rich, superior single malt.

Glen Grant 12 Year Old is a sublime single malt with a bright golden colour and aromas of orchard fruits and vanilla. The palate reveals mouth-watering layers of apple pie, caramel and almonds. On the finish, soft summer fruits linger with honey and hints of spice.

“The Major” was one of the first distillers in Scotland to introduce purifiers into the distillation process. The purifiers further refine our whisky by ensuring only the very finest vapours condense into spirit. The result is an elegant and delicate style of whisky for which Glen Grant is renowned.

Tasting notes

Colour: Bright Gold
Aroma: Honey, pear and apple with hints of almond and citrus
Taste: Apple pie crust, caramel and vanilla
Finish: Lingering fruit with subtle hints of spice


*Info taken from bottle and website


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