Penderyn Portwood Finished Single Malt Whisky (46% vol)

Penderyn Portwood Finished Single Malt Whisky (46% vol)This limited expression of Penderyn Portwood single malt whisky acquires its delightful blush and syrupy character from a process of double maturation in ex-bourbon and rich ex-port casks.

The hillside village of Penderyn, southern gateway to the wild, beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park, gives its name to this unique Welsh single malt whisky, made here at the only distillery in Wales.

One of a very few distilleries in private hands today, Penderyn continues a treasured tradition; in the 18th Century an early welsh distiller was among the founding fathers of bourbon distilling in America.

Each day here we ‘charge’ our unique copper stills with a specially fermented single variety malted barley wash. The day’s distillation yields a single barrel of pure single malt spirit, which is married with spring water from our own source, then matured in selected first quality oak barrels.

Unique distillation and careful maturation create a single malt whisky in which a sweet, elegant Penderyn house style shines through. Even then, there’s more to do. To attain their full depth and complexity of flavour, different hand-crafted expressions of Penderyn are aged or finished in different woods.

The Penderyn Portwood whisky in this bottle has initially been aged to almost full maturation in specially selected ex-bourbon barrels from Kentucky. Additional maturation follows in the finest Portuguese ex-port barriques, imparting typically smooth and fruity flavours from this iconic fortified wine.

A rich blush colour with copper hues, this whisky delights with a syrupy Port character and notes of milky coffee and dark chocolate on the nose. In the taste, top notes of fresh strawberry and cream toffee come through first, complimented by vanilla, with dates, raisins and jam emerging. A lingering, sweet finish of honey and sticky treacle will ensure this whisky is memorable long after it’s finished.

Like the fabled Welsh Gold (in Welsh, Aur Cymru) used to make heirloom jewellery proudly worn by kings and princes down the ages, Penderyn single malt is rare and highly prized. To those who love it, it’s a new kind of Welsh Gold.

Note: This is the newer 46% vol ABV


*Info taken from bottle



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