Royal Brackla 16yr Old

Royal Brackla 16yrRoyal Brackla 16yr Old – The king’s own whisky

His Majesty having been please to distinguish this “by his Royal Command to supply his Establishment” has placed this Whisky first on the List of British Spirits and, when known, should in truth be termed “The Drink Divine”

The distillery at Brackla was founded in 1812 by Captain William Fraser as a way of using the barley that he grew on land rented from Lord Cawdor. For a while it was the only legal still between Inverness and Aberdeen, and its calibre gained acclaim in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

Like Captain Fraser, King Willian IV joined the military in his youth. During notable service with the Royal Navy, and his friend Nelson, he developed a taste for fine liquor. The ‘Sailor King’ granted Brackla whisky a Royal Warrant in 1833 – the first time a whisky had been so honoured.

The devotion to quality that raised Royal Brackla to its exalted position remains unchanged, we still source malt locally and use the Cawdor Burn’s pure water. Crucially, our slowly distilled spirit is then cloaked in the finest oak, with a rich finish in supreme quality Oloroso sherry butts. The result is a whisky of such character and complexity that it is today, as ever, fit for a king.



*Info taken from bottle


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