Cardhu Gold Reserve

Cardhu Gold ReserveRich and mellow with warm notes of baked apple and toffee.

Cardhu Gold Reserve is a luxurious single malt that captivates from the first pour to the last slip, a golden liquid with a mellow and round flavour.

Hand-picked toasted oak casks subtly enrich the smooth Speyside character of Cardhu with warmer notes of toffee, dark chocolate and ripe orchard fruit to yield a beautiful balance and depth.

A superb whisky to share on special occasions, Cardhu Gold Reserve is a tribute to the kind and generous nature of our distillery founder Helen Cumming.

Cardhu Gold Reserve is a rich and beautifully tasting single malt scotch whisky from the famous speyside Cardhu Family. Cardhu Gold Reserve is rich and mellow, with warm notes of baked apple and toffee. Our Master Blender has carefully selected casks to create a mouth-wateringly sweet malt whisky with a quietly spicy finish. Beautifully presented in gold luxurious packaging which makes the perfect gift for any whisky lover.

Nose: Shy and soft at first, and beautifully smooth: fresh, yet also mellow. Tinned fruit salad, with waxy red apple skins

Palate: Bigger flavours and drier than the nose suggests, with its initial sweetness cut by crisp orange zest followed by a subtle mineral dryness

Finish: Tangy hints of menthol with velvety cocoa tannins and a grassy herbal note. Faint hints of almonds and apples follows a light saltiness


*Info taken from bottle


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