Togouchi Premium Japanese Whisky

Togouchi Premium Japanese WhiskyTogouchi is a Blended Japanese Whisky conscientiously produced by Chugoku Jozo’s master blenders.

A grain whisky with different features (an unblended whisky with a soft sweetness and an unblended whisky with rich minerals and grains) blends a well balanced peat aroma and a malt whisky that has a soft sweetness like vanilla and chocolate. Utilize the youthfulness, the whisky has been finished with a light flavour but comes with a kick.

The whiskys are aged in a tunnel as oppose to a warehouse, and the alcohol content is then reduced by using pure spring water from Sandankyo mountains.

This premium blend is their no-age-statement expression. The whisky shows elegant aromas of hazelnuts and freshly cut grass on the nose with sweet and gentle notes of honey and nutmeg on the palate. The finish is smooth and spiced.

Japanese whisky came from scotch whisky.

The unique aroma of peat from scotch whisky is not often liked by Japanese people, so Togochi whisky is blended with a mild finish and some peat aroma to suit Japanese people’s taste.

Colour: A light golden colour
Aroma: It has a youthful aroma, but a slight peaty aroma can be noticed followed by sweet honey, nuts and corn flakes.
Taste: It’s has a light and mild taste. A sweet aroma that reminds you of grains and honey gives you a mellow feeling.
The slightly peaty aroma dominates the aftertaste.


*Info taken from bottle and website


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