Glenfiddich Experimental Series #01 – IPA

aug16-glenfiddichipa1When Brian Kinsman, our Malt Master, met an entrepreneurial Speyside craft brewer, they hit it off immediately and it didn’t take long for a genius idea to form. Experimental and untraditional, Brian suggested creating a Glenfiddich whisky finished in IPA draft beer casks, something never done in the industry before.

What started as a quirky idea had turned into an intensive experiment.

Not only did they create a pioneering new whisky with unique zesty citrus notes and the subtle hint of fresh hops, but they also created a pioneering new craft beer in the process too.

This malt is proof that great things happen when great minds meet.

Vibrant with a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and hint of fresh hops.

Experiment over ice with a twist of blood orange.

Tasting notes.

Nose – A beautifully delicate balance of ripe green apple, William’s pear and spring blossom. Aromatic hops and fresh herbs complement the characteristic Glenfiddich fruitiness and sweet, vanilla oakiness.
Taste – Vibrant with a zesty citrus note followed by soft, sweet vanilla and a hint of fresh hops.
Finish – Long lasting sweetness with subtle green hops.


*Info taken from bottle


ipa map


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