Arran Smugglers’ Series Vol. II ‘The High Seas’

Arran Smugglers’ Series Vol. II ‘The High Seas’A treatise on the History of Scotch Whisky Distillation on the Isle of Arran by Illicit means in days of old. “Spirit to fire the imagination of the drouthy”. Limited edition of 8,700 bottles. The second in a series of Three Volumes.

In the heyday of smuggling, the Isle of Arran was prolific in its production of the peat reek. The island’s proximity to both the vibrant, colourful city of Glasgow and bustling sea ports of Ayrshire ensured constant demand for the renowned makes of Arran’s sma’ stills. The island also served as a hub for smuggling and illicit trade in casked libations from far and wide. Brandy, wines, port and, indeed, rum all passed through the hills and glens of the Isle of Arran before making the short crossing to the lucrative marketplace of the mainland’s big cities.

Strong nerve and camaraderie were not in short supply when smugglers and their island accomplices were concerned. One particularly dark evening saw two gaugers seize a pair of casks bound for Saltcoats which were due to be rowed out from the south end of the island. After having placed their captors under lock and key, the pair were invited by the local innkeeper to a friendly glass in the interest of fair play. They returned to find the contents of the casks had been run out and replaced with sea water while their backs were turned.

Resourcefulness was a necessary trait for any would-be smuggler. Still locations, methods for avoidance of Excise Officers and storage vessels for the prized spirit where all requisite areas of expertise. This dram is a powerful marriage of whisky matured in the finest rum casks with time-honoured peated spirit. Its exuberant nature is our tribute to the character of those striving to outwit the Government’s representatives in the pursuit of the production of the famed Arran Waters. The use of run casks in the maturation serves as recognition of Arran’s importance, in years gone by, in the trade of black market liquor.

In should be noted that all casks used in the maturation of this whisky have been obtained by legitimate and proper means; thus this Cask Strength Arran Single Malt can be relished without fear of reprimand…


Arran Single Malt – Rum Cask Finish…………..…… Matured in 200L American Oak Barrels

Arran Single Malt – Peated stock (50ppm)………….Matured in 200L Ex-Bourbon Barrels

Arran Single Malt – Un-peated Arran Malt………….Matured in 200L Ex-Bourbon Barrels 1st Fill


arran smugglers 2 boxopenNose: Citrus fruits are at the fore, mingling with smells evocative of the outdoors; a touch of seaweed hints at coastal character. Orchard fruits, white pepper, and a subtle dry note reminiscent of fino sherry make this a complex nose. A hint of burned pine wood is in the background.

Palate: A fizzing mouthfeel with sherbet character. A fresh spearmint note appears and mingles with warm bramley apple pie and ice cream. There is tangy lime marmalade with chilli pepper heat and a whiff of smoke from a just-lit fire of pine logs. The addition of water shows honey dew melon and pear drop sweets.

Finish: Distillery character shines through; notes of apples, citrus and good body are elongated by a backbone of subtle smoke.



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