The Dalmore Valour

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Valour means courage, and it is at the very heart of The Dalmore story. In 1263, the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie bravely saved King Alexander III of Scotland from the fury of a charging stag. At The Dalmore, we believe that ‘fortune favours the brave’ ad this proved to be true for the Clan Mackenzie, who were given three rewards by the grateful King – the right to use a 12-pointed Royal Stag in their coat of arms, the motto ‘Luseo Nin Uro’ and the lands of Kintail. When descendants of the Clan Mackenzie were chosen to take over The Dalmore distillery in 1867, they brought with them the iconic 12-pointed Royal Stag, and it has adorned every bottle of The Dalmore since, in honour of our regal heritage.

The Art of the Dalmore

As The Dalmore, we believe that true excellence in whisky making, like great art, can be achieved only by a few. Our eight idiosyncratic stills create a spirit unrivalled in its richness and complexity. Its true potential is realised through maturation in only the finest casks, many available only to The Dalmore and hand-selected by our Mater Distiller Richard Paterson.

The Dalmore Valour is initially matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks to provide the perfect canvas for further maturation. When ready, the whisky is split between Matusalem oloroso sherry casks, reserved for The Dalmore’s exclusive use by Gonzalez Byass, and Port pipes from the Douro region in Portugal. The spirit is then married together in an upstanding sherry butt for a unique and harmonious finish, befitting of The Dalmore’s legacy.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Ripe plums, citrus fruits and creamy caramel

Palate: Candied orange, pineapple and chocolate fudge

Finish: Black forest fruits, coconut, figs and marzipan



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