The Singleton of Dufftown – Sunray

The Singleton of Dufftown – SunrayOne of two new releases in ‘The Singleton of Dufftown’ range, the other new release is Singleton Tailfire. A smooth and elegant example of Dufftown’s honeyed intensity, golden and rich from maturation in American oak casks.

We’re on a mission to create great tasting single malt Scotch whiskies that burst with flavour. The smooth yet intense character of Sunray comes from maturation in toasted oak casks specially selected to deliver a honeyed, vanilla sweetness with aromas of blackcurrant and baked apple.

Appearance: Medium to light amber.

Nose: Incredibly soft, starting deep with Demerara sugar and baked apple, rising with heather honey and floral top notes. Blackcurrant and bramble leave a soft balance.

Body: Light

Palate: Sweet and rounded with soft spice amongst fruity notes.

Finish: Sweet, with blackcurrants and vanilla.


*Info taken from bottle


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