Glen Deveron 16 year old

Glen Deveron 16 Years OldA collection of rare and aged malts selected by our Master Blender from the private reserve of Glen Deveron. Royal Burgh of Banff, Charter of Robert II, King of Scotland.

Our distillery lies on the rugged coast of North East Scotland by the banks of the River Deveron.

Here we craft our single malts in the traditional way using copper pot stills, fine malted barley and pure spring water from the region. We mature it using generous amounts of fine, sherry oak casks to produce a fuller and fruitier taste.

Glen Deveron, Royal Burgh Collection, is a selection of our rarest whiskies hand-selected from the distillery’s private reserve. It commemorates the Royal Burgh of Banff, the ancient seaport beside our distillery granted charter by King Robert II of Scotland.

Nosing and Tasting Notes:

This subtle expression with a golden amber colour has noted of fine toasted cereals and apple, making it a full fruity malt with a smooth and mellow finish.



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