Ben Bracken 22 Year Islay Single Malt

Ben Bracken 22yr IslayThis Ben Bracken Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky is distilled in copper pots stills in a centuries-old manner and matured in undisturbed oak casks for twenty-two years, creating a complex and intriguing avalanche of flavours with notes of salted toffee apple, nutmeg and coffee.

Colour: Amber honey gold with dazzling rays of sunlight.

Nose: A soft breeze of salty sea spray, pinewood, peat smoke and burning bonfire leaves gently engulfs your nostrils. Not for the faint hearted therefore give it all the time and reverence it deserves and you will not be disappointed. These initial nuances soon give way to another barrage of beauty; lemon sponge, ogen melon, eucalyptus and salted bananas. A final fusion of spicy pineapple, baked wheat toast, cumin and dried fruits concludes this exciting bouquet.

Taste: Complex, intriguing yet truly heart-warming as an avalanche of flavours descends onto the palate with sheer exuberance, revealing hints of salted toffee apple, cinnamon pear tart with a lemon drizzle, nutmeg and smoked creme brulee. Just a whisper of tangy ground coffee, marzipan, Demerara sugar and peat smoke peaches make their presence felt. This is surely destined to delight the connoisseur as one final later of ginger macaroons, spiced sherbet and kiwi fruits rewards the palate with eddies of enticing lingering sensations.

A gentle giant!


* Info taken from bottle


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