The Girvan Patent Still No.4 Apps Whisky

The Girvan Patent Still No.4 Apps WhiskyBuilt in 1963, the original Girvan Patent Still, known affectionately as ‘No. 1 Apps’ – a distillery  term for ‘apparatus’ – was the most advanced distillery in the world at the time.

Further innovation led in 1992 to pioneering ‘vacuum distillation’ with the introduction of ‘No. 4 Apps’. This distillation at lower temperatures, results in a very pure, clean-tasting grain spirit that balances perfectly with the vanilla notes from our American white oak casks during maturation.

The Girvan Patent Still continuous distillation method takes the finest cereal grains to produce a pure, vibrant and fruity – tasting grain spirit, which is lighter in aroma and character than most malt whiskies.

Slow, gentle maturation in American oak barrels adds richness and complexity – notes of vanilla, candied fruit and honey – for a taste experience unlike other whiskies.

This unique single grain whisky is distilled from two multi-pressure stills – No. 4 and No. 5 Apps. The vacuum distillation, at lower temperature, creates a pure, fruity and intense spirit perfect for maturation in vanilla rich American Oak. Given time, the result is Deliciously Different.

Deliciously Different

Notes of candied fruit and cream, balanced by oak.


* Info taken from bottle


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