Penderyn Myth


Penderyn MythA Gold award winner in the European Single Malt Premium category of the Whiskies of the World Masters 2015, Myth is a recent addition to the Penderyn range. It is a 41% single malt whisky finished in Bourbon barrels.

The initial maturation of the Penderyn spirit in Kentucky bourbon barrels is traditionally only part of the aging process – all our bottled whiskies have experienced additional maturation in a range of casks, not least Madeira barriques on which the Penderyn house style is based. The pure bourbon expression in this bottle highlights the beautiful and rich complexity of the American barrel. It finally fulfils a long-held ambition to unleash ‘Penderyn’ in its simplest and purest form, without secondary finishes or transfers.  Bourbon Matured Penderyn is as close to our clean, smooth and fruity spirit as our whisky can possibly get.

Penderyn Myth is beautifully presented in an elegant and classy slate grey presentation box, featuring an animated illustration of a red dragon, which is an all important symbol from the Welsh national flag.

The Red Dragon is the flag of Wales, and the Royal Welsh badge bears the motto: ‘Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn’ which translates as, ‘The red dragon inspires action.’ It features in ancient Welsh tales and was the battle standard of mythical Celtic kings.  Welshman Henry Tudor took the flag to Bosworth where, in 1485, he became the last king of England to be crowned on the battlefield. Today the dragon is seen as representing all things Welsh and epitomises Penderyn Celt.

Today the Red Dragon (in Welsh, Y Ddraig Goch) is the proud national flag of Wales. This fiery creature is close to our hearts. It is thought that the ancient Welsh kings were using the dragon as a royal emblem by the 5th century AD. In this they followed Roman cohorts that carried hollow metal ‘draco’ standards. through which the wind howled, to instill fear in their foes.


Each day, our unique copper stills are charged with a fermented malted barley ‘wash’. This is distilled into pure single malt spirit, which is married with spring water from our own source before being filled into oak casks that are laid down to develop.

Penderyn Myth is matured only in specially reserved ex-bourbon casks made from America Oak, so as to express our naturally clean, smooth and fruity spirit in its purest form.

The making of Penderyn Myth fulfils a cherished ambition; it is our first whisky matured exclusively in bourbon cask. This has been made possible through the gradual reservation of the necessary casks, which are much in demand for our other single malts.


Fresh and lively, Myth has mixed citrus fruits mingling with apple, pear drops and the merest hint of tropical fruits. In the mouth sweetness dominates then moves over a little to allow some refreshing bitterness to emerge while the mixed fruits continue to dominate the flavour. Gradually all the flavours simply ebb away to leave memories of a lively and light style of whisky that is easy to drink.


* Info taken from bottle and website


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