Bowmore Black Rock

Bowmore Black RockBowmore Black Rock: A perfect balance of peat smoke, treacle toffee and orange.

The First Islay Malt

Welcome to Islay, one of the most elemental and rugged environments on earth, and an island that has been exposed to the full force of nature – from the tree-bending might of its icy, wintry gales to the incessant pounding of the Atlantic Ocean’s waves – since time began.

Bowmore’s celebrated Single Malt has been distilled on this magical and remote island off the west coast of Scotland ever since 1779, making it the first of Islay’s eight distilleries by chronology certainly (and by taste too, many would say).

Now, as then, Bowmore is widely acknowledged to be among the finest and most perfectly balanced single malts in the world.

The Black Rock of Islay

Located in the waters of Loch Indaal, Black Rock symbolises the rugged and treacherous waters which surround the Island of Islay, demanding careful navigation by all mariners.

Rising majestically from the seabed, Black Rock is a jagged outcrop defined by nature. It is the same natural environment, which provides the perfect conditions in which to mature Bowmore.

Produced the same way today as it has always been, Bowmore takes its water from the Laggan River and uses malt that has been carefully smoked in a peat-fired kiln. The spirit is then left to mature in Bowmore’s legendary No 1 vaults, the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one below sea level, before emerging proudly, like the Black Rock itself.

Bowmore Black Rock

Matured in the finest sherry and bourbon casks, Bowmore Black Rock is a true product of its environment, exhibiting the natural influences of both the land and the sea which surrounds this small island. One moment you will discover a peaty smokiness, the next a sea salt tang.

On the eye: dark amber

Breathe in: classic Bowmore smokiness infused with raisins, pepper, warm cocoa bean and burnt orange

Sip: rich sherry and peat smoke followed by blackcurrant, treacle toffee and cinnamon spice

Savour: beautifully balanced peat smoke and sea salt


*Info taken from bottle


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