Penderyn Icons of Wales series 3/50 : Dylan Thomas

penderyn-sherrywood-single-malt-whisky-dylan-thomas-70cl-41-1500px_1Dylan Marlais Thomas was born in Swansea on the South Wales coast in 1914. Dylan – ‘son of the wave’ – was a precocious sea-side boy with a surreal flair for wordplay who by his early twenties was a famed writer of poems, letters and stories. His poetry, whilst complex and dramatic, also had a directness which makes it accessible to this day.

In 1949 the wandering bard finally settled in Laugharne (pronounced ‘Larn’) which he’d christened, ‘…the strangest town in Wales’. The township with its characters, castle, estuarine habitat, quirky cosmopolitan air and active pub life – particularly Browns Hotel – provided much of the material for his iconic ‘play for voices’ Under Milk Wood. In 1951 Dylan wrote Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, his best-known poem that is part plea to his dying father to stay alive and part rumination on the perils of underachievement.

Dogged by poverty, Dylan accepted lucrative tours to the USA, out of reach of the everyday control exerted by Caitlin his bohemian wife, muse, and mother to their three children. In November 1953, crippled by ill health, exhaustion and the excesses of a celebrity lifestyle, Dylan slipped into a coma in the Chelsea Hotel in New York and died days later, aged just 39. Dylan was buried in his beloved Laugharne – ‘…here we just are, and there is nowhere like it anywhere at all’.

Penderyn is the rural village that hosts our Distillery and gives its name to Wales’ only SINGLE MALT WHISKY. Like ‘Welsh Gold’ (‘Aur Cymru’), this golden whisky is as rare and precious as the Celtic jewellery worn by the old Welsh Princes and by Royalty.

This privately owned distillery in the BRECON BEACONS National Park revives a whisky distilling heritage in Wales that goes back centuries; indeed early Welsh distillers were the FOUNDlNG FATHERS of the American Bourbon Industry.

Our UNIQUE COPPER STILLS are charged daily With a specially fermented malted barley wash to produce a limited quantity of pure Single malt spirit. This is married with spring water (drawn directly from our own source) before being laid down to mature in selected first quality oak casks.

This new PENDERYN SHERRYWOOD edition has been aged in Oloroso sherry casks and combined with whisky matured in American bourbon barrels to bring out its rich fruity flavour.

This Penderyn Sherrywood begins with the aroma of sugar bonbons rich with the smell of creamy toffee and vanilla. Soon Penderyn’s own fresh green apples and boiled berry fruits join in. In the mouth cream sherry flavours, obvious but not overt, mingle with delicate fruits reminiscent of white Currants and honeydew melon.

This whisky, delightful as an aperitif, has a medium long finish that ends up with an attractive aftertaste of mixed fruits. Dinner beckons!

Penderyn Distillery is also the home to a range of world class and award winning spirits. We welcome visitors to Penderyn Distillery, to find out more about our tours and to see us at work. please visit our website for more details.


* Info taken from bottle


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