Old Pulteney Navigator

Old Pulteney NavigatorThe Pulteney Distillery lies on the rugged north-eastern coast of Scotland.Established in the port of Wick in 1826, this fine single malt is steeped in seafaring history. Back then the windswept town was one of the busiest herring fishing ports in the world and, due to the remote location, was only accessible by sea. Naturally, many of the distillery workers were also hardy fishermen.

Today, the Distillery’s relationship with the restless northern seas remains strong and Old Pulteney proudly celebrates its heritage. The exceptional Highland Single Malt Whisky pays homage to the nautical navigators, the planners of every major sea voyage who advise the captain of the ship’s position and maintain charts and navigational equipment on board. These brave men and women of experience and patience are often the unsung heroes of dangerous sea passages.

Old Pulteney Navigator is handcrafted using traditional methods of the 1800’s. The unique shape of the copper pot stills, the time-honoured condensation method and the northern sea breeze absorbed by the casks during years of maturation all contribute to the distinctive style of the whisky with its smoothness, complexity and the unmistakable coastal character.

It is little wonder that Old Pulteney is known as ‘The Maritime Malt’

Appearance: Honeycomb

Aroma: Sweet and crisp. Layers of tangy apples and dried fruit harmonise with subtle hints of dark chocolate and fresh vanilla custard.

Taste: Full-bodied and rich in flavour. The palate delivers a burst of honey, cocoa and oranges, easing gently into a long-lasting, spicy finish with a maritime surprise.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.oldpulteney.com

*Info taken from bottle


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