Tasgall 30 years old – Exceptionally Rare

Tasgall 30 years oldTasgall – “Cauldron of the Gods

Complex, full bodied and velvety smooth with rich fruitcake, honey and oak tannin flavours enveloped in a vanilla sweetness with delicate spice and floral notes.

An extremely rare 30 year old. Oak-aged blend combining the spicy, floral flavours of Highland malts, the sweetness of Speyside malts and the purity and strength of Lowland grain whisky. A blend of whiskies that have been aged in oak casks for no less that 30 years.

The art of blending whisky was first established in the 1820s. Scottish grocers, who had learned their craft blending tea, wines and cordials for a discerning clientele, would combine several whiskies to achieve a more rounded, consistent flavour between batches.

By the 1860s as whisky became more popular, wine and spirits merchants began producing more refined and accomplished blends. Eventually, by the 1870s, these craftsmen were creating bespoke blends for their English and colonial customers.

It was the unstinting efforts of these master blenders that ensured high quality blended scotch whisky replaced Cognac as the drink of choice for Britain’s Middle Classes. A position that led directly to Scotland’s Whisky Industry becoming the celebrated global success it is today.

*Info taken from bottle


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