Penderyn Legend Single Malt Whisky

Penderyn Legend Single Malt WhiskyLegend

Today the Red Dragon (in Welsh, Y Ddraig Goch) is the proud national flag of Wales. This fiery creature is close to our hearts. It is thought that the ancient Welsh kings were using the dragon as a royal emblem by early 5th century AD. In this they followed Roman cohorts that carried hollow metal ‘draco’ standards, through which the wind howled, to instill fear in their foes.

The Making of Legend

Each day, our unique copper stills are charged with a fermented malted barley ‘wash’. This is distilled into pure single malt spirit, which is married with spring water from our own source before being filled into oak casks that are laid down to develop.

Penderyn Legend is matured in specially reserved ex-bourbon casks make from American Oak, before receiving a further maturation in oak barriques that have previously held Madeira wine, to develop a harmonious single malt whisky with a subtle but sophisticated character and soft golden hues.

This great all-rounder is the essential expression of the legendary Penderyn house style and has all the richness of flavour and light fruitiness that Penderyn is famous for world-wide.

Tasting Notes

Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits intermingle with cream fudge and sultanas on the nose to create a complex yet fresh, clean and well-balanced whisky. On the palate this is an incredibly smooth single malt, in which both fresh and rich dried fruits abound. Delicate and sweet overall, it enjoys a hint of appetising bitterness, and delivers a long finish that leaves an appealing aftertaste of Madeira cake and sultanas.


Part of the United Kingdom since medieval times, Wales first became home to the native people of Britain, driven west by early Norse and Saxon invaders. In this mountainous small country, rich in myth and legend, many speak the ancient Welsh language and all have a fierce pride in their identity.

In the south of the country’s Brecon Beacons National Park, the unique independent single malt whisky distillery at Penderyn revives a centuries-old Welsh tradition, for distillers from Wales were among the founding fathers of American bourbon.


*Info taken from bottle


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