The Black Grouse – ALPHA Edition

The Black Grouse - ALPHA Edition box

The Black Grouse - ALPHA EditionThe Lek

With the misty springtime dawn, the magnificent males strut and posture, circling, eyes fixed upon each other, romancing their prize, who watches from the wings…. The Alpha Edition is a premium expression of The Black Grouse. It’s been created in celebration of the annual “Lek”, when male black grouse gather in woodland clearings, to compete for a mate. However, instead of fighting, like many other species, the birds show off. The Lek is all about display, challenge, the assertion of dominance; leading to the emergence of the Alpha Male.

The Plume

Traditionally, a white feather has been a symbol of cowardice. But not in the competitive world of the male Black Grouse. Quite the reverce, in fact… As the birds compete for female attention, they puff out their chests and splay their distinctive white tails. When matters have been decided, and the Alpha Male emerges, his defeated opponent may leave behind a feather or two. So, far from representing a lack of courage, the Black Grouse’s plume is the victor’s prize, the trophy that goes to the most successful show-off.

The Honour

For those who battle their way to Alpha Male status, life holds many good things to store. But for pleasure in it’s purest form, few compare to relaxing with the perfect drop… The Black Grouse Alpha Edition is a blended Scotch Whisky of distinctive character. It’s richer and smokier, and altogether more challenging on the palate than The Black Grouse.For those capable of appreciating real depth and more than a touch of complexity, Alpha isn’t just an experience to be savoured… it’s a rare honour.

Tasting Notes: The whisky has a dark burnished gold, clear and bright appearance, with toasted orange peel, cinnamon sticks, dark chocolate and a sherbet sweetness on the nose. On the palette there’s an initial sweet vanilla and developing, dry smokiness followed by a medium sweetness and lingering smokiness on the finish.


*Info taken from bottle

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