Ballantine’s Limited Edition Christmas Reserve

Ballantine's Christmas Reserve Bottle & CartonSpecially selected by our master blender to evoke the spirit of Christmas.

Rich top notes of raisin and apple perfectly balanced with caramel toffees and soft ripe pears. Rewarding with a long and round finish.

Leave and impression this Christmas with Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve

About Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve
Different from other whiskies and inspired by Christmas, Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve is a blend of subtle details, aromas and tasting notes exclusive to this period: sweet candy apples, ripe pears, caramel toffee, tangy orange…it’s not just one of them, but the sum of them – together, their express its spirit. Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve is also soft, sweet, round and smooth – all signature characteristics of Ballantine’s. The malts and grains have been expertly selected for their sweet, fruity flavours, creating a unique blend that makes Ballantine’s Christmas Reserve the perfect drink to celebrate Christmas.

Tasting Notes

  • Colour: The deep, dark colour reflects the complex toffee flavours that make the blend so sumptuous and perfect for Christmas indulgence.
  • Nose: Rich, full and fruity with the flavours of luxurious moist raisin fruitcake and sweet candy apples. Perfectly balanced with caramel toffee and soft ripe pears.
  • Palate: Deliciously sweet, with notes of succulent tangy orange. Bursting with fruit and finishing with superb hints of liquorice root and ginger.
  • Finish: Long, round and honeyed.


*Info taken from bottle and website


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