Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask

Balvenie 14yr Caribbean Cask

The Balvenie 14 year Caribbean Cask is extra matured in Rum Casks. The delicate fresh taste of Caribbean Rum enhances The Balvenie’s vanilla notes in the finishing – whilst adding spicy aromatic qualities to the whisky. Specially selected Balvenie – finished in casks that previously held rum distilled in the Caribbean.

The Balvenie Distillery remains totally dedicated to the traditions, care and craftmanship of malt whisky making and has been owned and managed by the same independent family company for five generations.

The Cooper’s flagging iron is used during the repair of the casks to separate the staves. This allows for the insertion of reed between the staves to ensure a watertight seal. Nowhere else will you find a distillery that still grows its own barely, that still malts in its own traditional floor maltings, that still has coopers to tend all the casks and a coppersmith to tend the stills.

From this Distillery comes Caribbean Cask characterised by toffee, vanilla and a hint of fruit.


*Info taken from bottle

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