The Arran Malt: The Devil’s Punch Bowl; Chapter II

The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter No. 02

Devils-Punch-Bowl-Chapter-II-Angels-Devils“Chapter II of The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a true contrast of light and shade hence the title ‘Angels & Devils’. The 1997 & 1998 hogshead I have chosen provide the foundation for this whisky and add a rich and satisfying depth. These are the finest ex-Oloroso Spanish Oak casks and their influence is unmistakable with a distinctive spicy character and notes of cigar box and dark chocolate. If the sherry casks are the darkness then the 2002 barrels bring a ray of sunshine to proceedings with soft vanilla notes and more of the typical Arran citrus emerging, especially with a dash of water. Finally our oldest Peated Arran casks from 2001 bring an earthiness not found in other releases of The Arran Malt and add further complexity to this intriguing concoction. Slainte!”

The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter II is a limited edition expression of The Arran Single Malt inspired by the glacial hollow Coire na Ciche whose sinister presence dominates the North-East coast of Arran. Our Demonic Distiller, James MacTaggart, has once again delved into the darkest recesses of our warehouse to select the casks for the second release in this un-holy trinity of devilish drams. Casks across a range of ages and types have been meticulously chosen to create an Arran bottling of depth and rich character where the aromas and flavours dovetail to perfection.

Bottled at natural strength and without chill-filtration, The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a testimony to the consistent superior quality of The Arran Malt across each year of production. For your elucidation the numbers of every cask, hand-picked for this bottling, have been listed on the inside of this box. Dare to dram with the Devil once again…..


*Info taken from bottle


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