The Dalmore 12 year old


The Dalmore’s heritage dates back to 1263, when an ancestor of the Clan Mackenzie, owner of The Dalmore distillery for over a century, saved King Alexander III from the fury of a charging stag. In recognition of this noble act the grateful king granted the Clan Mackenzie the right to use a 12-point stag, representing a ‘Royal’, in their coat of arms. This striking icon has since adorn each bottle of The Dalmore, symbolising the Dalmore distillery’s regal legacy.

The Art of The Dalmore

The Dalmore is crafted using a 150 year old artisan process passed down through the generations. Eight hand beaten copper stills of variable shape and size deliver a full flavoured and complex new spirit, which is then enriched over the years in the finest American white oak ex-bourbon casks and hand selected oloroso sherry butts. Master Distiller Richard Paterson then makes his final selection, harmonising the spirit of the chosen casks in bespoke sherry butts until he decides that the precious contents are ready for bottling.

Tasting Notes

Matured for an initial nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks before being carefully divided. One half continues its maturation in bourbon barrels, the other half is transferred to 30 year old Marusalem oloroso sherry casks. Complex yet balanced, The Dalmore 12 year old is the epitome of The Dalamore house style.

Aroma: Citrus fruit, chocolate and aromatic spices
Palate: Concentrated citrus, oloroso sherry and hints of vanilla pod
Finish: Roasted coffee and chocolate


*Info taken from bottle


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