The Antiquary 12 Year

The Antiquary 12This superb twelve year old Scotch whisky has been crafted using some of Scotland’s most treasured malt and grain whiskies. All are matured for a minimum of twelve years in specially selected oak casks. The aging process creates a whisky with a full, smooth, subtle flavours.

John and William Hardie began their quest to create the perfect blended Scotish whisky more than 150 years ago. This quest was finally realised in 1888 when they crafted “The Antiquary”, a blend they considered superior to all others.

This unique combination of malt and grain whiskies lives on today and is still considered to be one of Scotland’s finest by many a connoisseur. Consisting of over 30 malt whiskies – many of which hail from the Speyside region of Scotland – this perfectly balanced whisky is rich in character with hints of citrus fruits and toffee.

The smooth and delicate characteristics displayed by this remarkable twelve year old whisky mean that it can be enjoyed neat, over ice or as part of a cocktail.


*Info taken from bottle


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