Glen Moray 10 Year Old Chardonnay Cask

glen moray 10 year chardonnay speysideA tremendously rich Glen Moray fully matured in Chardonnay wine barrels, which have given the whisky an incredible depth of flavour with a perfect balance of caramelised fruit, butterscotch and lingering notes of toasted notes.

Glen Moray Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been distilled in the city of Elgin since 1897. Elgin, the capital of Speyside, lies at the heart of Scotland’s most famous malt whisky producing region. The city is situated within the Laich of Moray, also known as the Granary of Scotland and is famous for its malting barley and mild, even climate – hence the ancient saying proclaiming that it had more sunshine than any other part of the county.

Glen Moray 10 years old Chardonnay cask is matured in traditional low roofed warehouses allowing the malt’s well-rounded character to emerge. The full maturation in Chardonnay casks creates distinctive fruity, butterscotch flavours and as the whisky mellows, lightly toasted notes develop.

Glen Moray 10 years old Chardonnay Cask is a fine example of Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky that can be enjoyed on its own or served over ice, ideal for drinking at anytime.


*Info taken from bottle


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