Glengoyne Burnfoot

Glengoyne BurnfootGlengoyne Burnfoot – the original Glengoyne

Like all Glengoyne malts, Burnfoot is distilled from air-dried barley untainted by the harshness of peat smoke. A natural shimmering gold in colour, it has a smooth, sweet taste, delicate flavours of green banana, oak and cream sherry with a hint of almonds, leading to a long finish of stewed apples and butterscotch.

The original Glengoyne Burnfoot was established in 1833. By 1908 it had changed its name to Glengoyne, now famous for its award-winning range of malts.

56″00’50.34 N 4″21’49.57W marks a very special spot. For here in a secluded Highland glen better known for small-time bandits, smugglers and wary crofters tending their illicit whisky stills. George Connell established the Burnfoot Distillery in 1833.

Why Here? Because the distillery was able to take advantage of a wonderful natural asset – the soft spring water, filtered trough ancient volcanic rock , that kinks and winds its way through leafy glens and over woodlands waterfalls to the’ foot of the burn’.

A lot has changed since then. The name Burnfoot has given way to the much celebrated Glengoyne. But the crystal clear soft water feeds the distillery which continues to make whisky the way it has always done, and few others do.

Glengoyne has traditionally dried its malted barley using only warm air. This ensures that there is no over-whelming peat smoke in the finished malt. The result is subtle, complex and generally more satisfying whisky in which all of the delicate flavours are fully expressed – a Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky that’s true to its roots.

Colour: Shining gold with orange hints

Legs: Quick to form and lots of them

Nose: Fresh honey, vanilla, citrus skins, green apple, gentle cinammon, some spice

Palete: Very smooth, almonds, sweet, green banana, oak, cream sherry.

Finish: Quite long, stewed apples, butterscotch, dry.


*Info taken from bottle


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