The Glenlivet The Master Distiller’s Reserve

The Glenlivet Master Distillers ReserveHigh up in the remote area of Glenlivet, George Smith was the first to produce a whisky of such exceptional quality that it went on to define the taste of Speyside.

His definitive single malt inspired so many other distillers to adopt the appellation ‘Glenlivet’, that it became known as the “Longest Glen in Scotland”. In 1884 a legal agreement was reached to distinguish Smith’s original whisky by referring to it exclusively as ‘The Glenlivet’.

As master distiller, Alan Winchester’s role is to be the ultimate guarantor of the Glenlivet now and for the future to maintain the tradition established by George Smith.

Created by Glenlivet’s master distiller Alan Winchester, this exclusive travel retail release uses three different types of cask: Ex-Sherry, Traditional Oak and American Oak. Fruity, sweet, with a touch of spice to create a characterful and unique expression of the Glenlivet.

Colour: Bright and lively gold

Nose: Full and bursting with ripe fruity pear and soft fudge aromas, incredibly sweet and smooth

Palate: Fruity pear flavours with a spicy orange marmalade tang slightly dry

Finish: Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts.


*Info taken from bottle


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