Bunnahabhain Darach Ur

bunnahabhain darach urThere is always a first time. Every journey has a first step. Every story a first word. This story begins with “what if”. What if we took the highlights of a journey in distilling excellence which began in 1881 and married them into something new, something bold, something we’d never done before?

“Darach Ur” means “New Oak” in Scots Gaelic. That’s the new oak barrels we used to mature this perfectly balanced mix of Bunnahabhain single malts. The guarded formula is from our Master Distiller, Ian MacMillan. We think it’s a first in over a hundred and twenty-five years of tradition at Bunnahabhain. The new oak barrels are from a family-run cooperage in Bardstown, Kentucky. And yes, this is the first time these have been used for maturing single malt Scotch whisky.

This exclusive Bunnahabhain single malt is un-chillfiltered, natural in colour and of a higher strength with the fresh sweetness of the oak retained from barrel to bottle.

We hope you enjoy this intriguing twist in the journey of discovery that’s the gentle taste of Islay. And may we be the first to invite you to raise a dram and join us in celebration of the excitement of the new!


Appearance: Pale bronze

Nose: lovely spicy sweet oak aroma, heather blossoms, pencil shavings and hints of pine, cloves and nutmeg

Palete: wonderful balance of sweet vanilla oak and with dried fruits and creamy toffee. Smooth and creamy with citrus flavours and a hint of cinnamon

Finish: lovely texture of vanilla gingerbread spiciness and toasted cereals, long lasting

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.bunnahabhain.com

*Info taken from bottle


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