Laphroaig Triple Wood

Laphroaig triple woodThe expression of our famous whisky has enjoyed a triple maturation. First it is aged in ex-bourbon barrels, then in small 19th century style quarter casks. The final maturation is in large european oak casks resulting in the perfect marriage of peat, oak and subtle sherry sweetness.

This style of maturation brings together 3 different types of barrel and traditions ex-bourbon, now used predominantly for Scotch whisky maturation large European Oak casks (known as ‘Butts’) and traditional quarter casks, which are themselves one-quarter the size of the European Oak.

The first maturation is in ex-bourbon barrels. We then transfer to Quarter Casks, which impart additional depth and fullness, whilst retaining our traditional peat smoke. The final maturation is in European Oak butts. These large vessels, which used to contain Oloroso sherry, have been specially selected to have a subtle influence. The combination of slow maturation due to their large size, the European Oak wood and the very gentle sherry finishing, adds to the influence of the 2 other barrels to create a more complex, rounded flavour.

The result is the perfect marriage of peat smoke. oak and subtle sweetness.

Laphroaig Triple Wood is bottled without being chill filtered at 48% ABV for maximum flavour. Please note that since Laphroaig Triple Wood is non-chill filtered it may go cloudy in the glass when water is added. This is perfectly normal for a non-chill filtered whisky.


*Info taken from bottle


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