Isle of Jura 12 year old Elixir

Isle of Jura ElixirIn the hills behind the Jura Distillery, among the timeless beauty of the heather, yew and bracken, lie tranquil lochs and ancient wells. They are the source of the water used at the Distillery, and one of the island’s most endearing legends.

Long has it been believed that the water of Jura has mystical, life-giving properties. Some say it was blessed by St Columbia around 560AD. The islanders certainly have a history of longevity, and stories tell of a man who saw 190 Chirstmases in his own house on Jura. An ancient gravestone not far from the Distillery lies as testament to this tale.

Whether this is fact, myth or legend, one thing is true, the islanders can certainly control the aging process. Albeit only when it comes to whisky!

Elixir is finished in a mix of American White Oak and Sherry casks, this combination of flavours includes crushed almonds, pineapples and fresh roasted coffee. The palate is rewarded with hints of citrus fruit, dark toffee and ginger spice.

Nose : Fruity and quite sweet and sherried with hints of tobacco in addition to dried plums and dry cherubs. Some cinnamon and citrus in the edges. Quite some wood. It’s heavier than expected.
Palate : Sweet , and spicy. With dried fruit, wood spice, oak. A bit nutty and gingery. The sherry is king here. No doubt. Not much smoke, not at all .
Finish : Medium with chocolate powder , raisins and plums.

Jura Isle of Jura Single Malt Scotch Whisky. In a world of its own.

The Isle of Jura can be found nestled off the west coast of Scotland. After a lengthy crossing, the Paps of Jura, the islands three magnificent peaks, break through the clouds to greet your. To a Diurach this is their welcoming home. The bold outline captures the soul of the island with its strong community spirit, well-loved local characters, captivating tales and of course an unrivalled whisky from the distillery established in 1810. Their peaceful and fortunate way of life is the only one they know, the only one they’d choose. With its one road, one pub and one distillery producing the finest single malt whisky, Jura is, quite simply, in a world of its own.

Live a Life Less Ordinary Become a Diurach

Diurachs is the Gaelic word for the people of Jura. Proud of our land and out whisky, we will gladly bend the ear of any visitor willing to take the time to listen. We are a small and close-knit community of less than 200, united by the island we love and the warmth of its people. With a dram of the good stuff in hand, we toast the health of our friends near and far. Life doesn’t get any better. So why not become an honorary Diurach?


*Info taken from bottle


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