Bruichladdich Rocks

bruichladdich rocks

Rocks – The Rhinns of Islay: A Land Apart

An innovative single malt created by our head distiller distilling legend Jim McEwan.

From Barley to nature’s whim, distiller’s art and taster’s skill have come together to fashion this beguiling and complex West of Islay dram.

Bruichladdich alone uses water that has filtered up through the oldest rocks in the whisky world – the curious 1.8 billion – year – old geology of the Rhinns of Islay unlike any other in Scotland. This vibrant multi-vintage bottling showcases the remarkable elegance of spirit distilled on our unique Victorian stills.

Un-Peated Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distilled matured and bottled un-chill filtered and colouring free. At Bruichladdich distillery, Ilse of Islay, Scotland.

Bruichladdich Rocks “The gold colour has a slight rosy blush to it, making it exotic and very pretty; unblemished clarity. Smells delightfully of fruitcake, banana nut bread and sweet malt in the first aromatic go-rounds; seven minutes of further exposure to air brings out devilishly toasty/roasted aromas of crispy pork rind, sweet oak, vanilla, red grapes and blackberry jam; as inviting a bouquet as I’ve recently had from The Laddie. Entry is vividly sweet and grainy, yet nimble in its textural weight and acidic agility gains momentum by mid-palate as the taste profile suddenly bursts with red fruit presence (red currents, mostly) and oaky vanilla. Finishes clean as a whistle, chewy and concentrated. Tight, composed, no body fat. This Laddie absolutely Rocks”

One Man’s Vision: William Gourlay Harvey, 1881

William Harvey was born in 1857. The eldest son of a Glasgow Distilling family. He had two younger brothers; while William entered the world of commerce as a sugar broker. John joined the family distilling business and youngest son Robert took an engineering design degree and became a designer of distilleries.

In 1881 the Harvey brothers determined to create a distilling business of their own, to pool their now extensive knowledge and expertise and to build a state of the art distillery on the whisky island of Islay.

The brothers’ aim to create the purest spirit possible and to that end they went against the prevailing thinking and installed the signature tall, narrow-necked stills that even now produce our elegant and floral Bruichladdich spirit.

The Harvey brothers were at the forefront of the engineering and industrial revolution at which the Scots particularly excelled. This is our heritage. This is where we come from. We are proud to take up the mission of this pioneering whisky family.

Proud to call ourselves “Progressive Hebridean Distillers”


*Info taken from bottle


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