Knockando 12 year old

Knockando 12yoThe distillery of Knockando which in Gaelic means ‘little black hill’ lies in the heart of Speyside. Knockando possesses the classic elegance and complexity of the finest Speyside malts, with a unique delicacy and fruitiness.

The distillery of Knockando stands on the banks of the river Spey, which gives its name to Speyside, a region in the north-eastern Scottish Highlands long renowned as the home of the finest malt whiskies.

Built in 1898, the Knockando distillery lies in the village of the same name, derived from Gaelic ‘Cnoc-an-dhu’ meaning ‘little black hill’.

Only the purest natural ingredients are used to make Knockando : malted barley, yeast and crystal clear spring water from the Cardnach spring, which lies in the hills above the distillery.

Ever since the distillery was founded in 1898, it has been a tradition at Knockando that each bottle of our malt contains whisky distilled during one particular year, or ‘season’ as we call it. This dates back to the days when distilling was a seasonal activity, and malt whisky was only made during the autumn and winter months.

Today, we still bottle Knockando one single ‘season’ at a time, and each bottle proudly states its year of distillation.

Aged for a minimum of 12 years, Knockando Single Malt Whisky possesses the classic elegance of the finest Speyside malts, with a unique delicacy and fruitiness.


*Info taken from bottle


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