Highland Park 12 Year Old

Highland Park 12 Year Old“The greatest all-rounder in the world of Mat Whisky” – Michael Jackson Malt Whisky Companion.

At Highland Park we insist on an uncompromising approach to whisky making.We’re one of the only a handful of distilleries that slowly malts its barley on the stone floor, physically turning it by hand for a more balanced flavour. Next, we smoke it over local aromatic peat, hand-cut from Hobbister Moor to bring a unique fragrant heather character to the whisky.

Then it’s placed into oak casks – not just your usual bourbon casks though – Sherry Oak Casks from Spain that cost ten times as much, but bring a priceless natural colour and flavour to our whisky. Then comes the hardest part leaving it be for 12 or more years to mature in the consistently cool Orchadian air.

And even when it’s ready, we’re not. We choose and combine our best casks, then leave then to settle and harmonise for just that little bit longer to deliver our complex whisky . The result is a uniquely smooth, balanced single malt with a rich full flavour and a gentle smokey finish. It’s the kind of dram you long for when you’re worked as hard as us.

First, hold your glass to the light to enjoy the clear amber glow, then tilt and rotate it to see the beads of whisky appear on the inside of the glass. The smaller they are, the higher the alcohol strength and the slower they fall , the better the spirit quality.

Next, add a drop of water and take three long sniffs. The first just gets your nose used to the alcohol, but in the second, you ‘ll discover our characteristic honey sweetness, and in the third, fruit – maybe pineapple, apple or pear.

Now, taste the whisky by chewing it in your mouth for 4 or 5 seconds, then swallow. The front of your tongue will start to tingle and after a few seconds your mouth will go dry, leaving a gentle smokey feeling and a flavour that keeps on going.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.highlandpark.co.uk

*Info taken from bottle


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