Talisker 1999 Distillers Edition – Amoroso Sherry Wood Finish

Talisker 1999 Distillers Edition - Amoroso Sherry Wood FinishTalisker, made beside Loch Harport in the jagged shadow of the Cuillin range, is the only single malt whisky from the Isle of Skye.

Founded in 1830, the distillery keeps faith with traditional values. Surviving a disastrous fire in 1960, it was rebuilt around exact copies of the old pot stills and worm tubs, preserving a method of distillation found nowhere else. Today, Talisker is for many the complete, even the only single malt.

The Distillers Edition

This special, multi-award winning Distillers Edition is double-matured in Amoroso wood. There’s near perfection in the bitter-sweet harmony experienced here, as the familiar sweet smokiness of Talisker smooths out, not to pepper, but to rich, sweet, juicy fruit.

The nose is extremely sharp and well focused, with a quite wonderful sultana sweetness. Chestnut brown, this is really full-bodied Talisker – the peat, crisp at first, softens to enormous richness in the mouth, then wafts around the palate with sweet, roasted malt and a heathery dryness.

The finish show deep cocoa notes, magnificent vanilla and lingering, earthly peat. It is exemplary in balance between sweet and dry, with sweetness always having a slight edge.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.malts.com

*Info taken from bottle


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