Tobermory 10 year old

Tobermory 10 year oldFor those fortunate enough to uncover it, here lies a rare jewel of a whisky. A wonderfully handcrafted liquid from the magical Isle of Mull’s only distillery. It has a gentle sweetness on the nose with a smooth, velvety finish of spicy oak and bitter chocolate. Legend has it that the villagers of Tobermory Bay created this pale gold ‘water of life’ to bring good luck to all whose lips it passed. Folklore or fact, the mysterious character of this Tobermory 10 year old is rarity you’ll want to savour and treasure forever.

Colour: Bright Lemony Gold

Nose: Rich island character with tantalizing hints of grass, malt, gingerbread, stewed fruit syrup and finely polished oak.

Palate: Smooth, velvety with fruit tangs and exquisitely spiced gingerbread and aniseed for a medium sweetness to treasure.

Finish: Ginger and spicy oak, matched with bitter chocolate and almond that gently fades with a tail of sweet salty seas.


*Info taken from bottle


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