Glenkinchie 12 year old

Glenkinchie 12 year oldGlenkinchie distillery was established in 1837 by John and George Rate. It is situated beside the Kinchie Burn in the heart of East Lothian farmland, over the gently rolling hills around Glenkinchie, some of the finest barley is grown.

A dry, refined character born just twenty miles from Scotland’s capital naturally makes Glenkinchie “The Edinburgh Malt”. Its aromatic smoothness brings to mind cut flowers and creamy lemon cheesecakes. Crisp and focused, with a herbal, drying finish, this is an ideal aperitif and partner to smoked fish, sushi or scallops.

George and John Rate founded the distillery in 1837, Rebuilt sixty years later, it boasts two great copper pot stills, among Scotland’s largest. Today, Glenkinchie is one of just three distilleries to survive in the Lowlands, drawing its water from a source in the Lammermuir Hills, and ageing its spirit for 12 years in oak casks.

Whether it’s Glenkinchie amid the rolling barley fields of the south or Talisker on the far sea coast of Skye, each Classic Malt is true to its origins, distilled in the same way and in the same place as always. Yet this is not enough. Each Classic Malt is selected for its origin, indeed, but above all for its taste.


*Info taken from bottle


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