Glenlivet 15 year old – French Oak Reserve

glenlivet 15 yearGlenlivet 15 year old – French Oak Reserve

A new expression of an old alliance Whisky and Oak have been allies since distilling began, while the “Auld Alliance” between France and Scotland dates back over 200 years. In celebration, the marriage of the original single malt and new French oak from the Limousin region is the perfect match.

The uncompromising ambition of George Smith legendary founder of the Glenlivet distillery, was to create a single malt whisky of exceptional quality.

The peerless Glenlivet whisky of today bears his indelible hallmark. There is still only one malt whisky that has the unchallengeable right to call itself The Glenlivet.

An expression that has never changed. Both traditional oak casks and specially-coopered new French Limousin oak casks have been used for maturation before the final marriage. The alliance between the new french oak and traditional oak results.

In a whisky with the perfect balance of rich spiciness and mellow fruitiness inherent to the Glenlivet.

Colour – resinous gold.

Nose – creamy and rich. Peel and candied grapefruit aromas.

Palate – round, sweet, incredibly smooth. Fruity and nutty flavours. A gentle cinnamon spiciness.

Finish – lingering with traces of toasted hazelnuts and almonds.

1824, George Smith established his distillery in the remote and wild location of Glenlivet. Here, he found the perfect conditions to craft the definitive Single Malt Whisky. Through this timeless, Primeval Valley run the icy waters of The River Livet. Its name, “smooth flawing one” in Gaelic, reflects the Glenlivet’s beautifully rich and elegant flavours.

High up in the remote area of Glenlivet, George Smith was the first to produce a whisky of such exceptional Quality that it went on the taste of speyside.

His definitive single malt inspired so many other distilleries to adopt the appellation ‘Glenlivet’, that it became known as the “Longest Glen in Scotland”. In 1884 a legal agreement was reached to distinguish Smith’s original whisky by referring to it exclusively as ‘The Glenlivet’.


*Info taken from bottle


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