Bushmills Malt 10 year old

Bushmills 10yrBushmills Malt is a truly unique Single Malt. It is the only 10 year old Single Malt from Ireland, and is from the Oldest Licensed Whiskey Distillery in the world, Old Bushmills, which was first licensed in 1608.

The pure crystal water used in Old Bushmills Distillery flows over the basalt rock which is visible in the spectacular formations of the world famous Giant’s Causeway. The malt is entirely unpeated and thus the smokiness associated with other malts is absent from Bushmills Malt.

Every drop of Bushmills Malt is carefully distilled three times for purity and smoothness. By comparison, most malts are distilled only twice.

Bushmills Malt is then left to mature slowly, for a minimum of ten long years. The result is a smooth, rich Single Malt with overtones of vanilla, honey and sherry. Bushmills Malt is the unique choice for Malt connoisseurs, who delight in the quality and heritage that the world’s Oldest Licensed Whiskey Distillery offers.


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