Dufftown-Glenlivet 10 Year Old

Dufftown 10yrThe Dufftown-Glenlivet distillery is to be found in Dullan Glen near Dufftown in Banffshire. It has been producing exceptional malt whisky since 1896. Owned by Bell’s, The Dufftown-Glenlivet has a justified reputation amongst the famed Dufftown group of Highland distilleries. The Dufftown-Glenlivet is one of the finest Speyside malts with a slightly flowery aroma. Its light and well-rounded taste – lingering smoothly on the palate – draws its character from the Speyside waters of Jock’s Well and ten years of maturing under the exceptional care of Bell’s master distillers.

The Dufftown-Glenlivet has been a part of the local farming community for well over a hundred years. But the history of the buildings goes back even further. Originally constructed as an oatmeal mill, it was only in the late nineteenth century that the mill was converted from its traditional agricultural purpose and distilling was first introduced. In fact it was on the 10th November 1896 that The Dufftown-Glenlivet had its earliest beginnings. Many traditional elements within the mill were retained, however, most noticable the continuing use of the mill’s sole source of power – the fine old water wheel. This remained in use right up until shortly after the Second World War.

An important part of the distillery’s role within the community was that it would malt its own barley. All the barley for the whisky was bought from the North East of Scotland, much of it locally grown but some coming from as far as Inverness and Aberdeenshire. The distillery is as much a part of the local Dufftown life as ever as it continues to produce this famous single malt.


*Info taken from bottle


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