Game of Thrones: House Tully – Singleton Glendullan Reserve

House Tully

House Tully’s ancestral keep, Riverrun, spans the junction of the Red Fork of the Trident and the Tumblestone River. Ruling as Lord of the Riverlands, under the house sigil of a silver trout flashing above rushing water, House Tully embodies the surge of the river waters that never cease moving, they formed powerful alliances and fight against the current for family, duty and honour.

Situated on the banks of the River Fiddich in the wooded hills of Dufftown, Glendullan originally relied on the waters that surrounded it. Harnessing the force of the waters that flowed through the land, it utilized a water wheel to power the entire distillery. Best served with a splash of water, this Scotch has notes of green apple, honey and sweet vanilla and finishes dry and clean.

Aged in ex-bourbon casks, this single malt has a light straw shimmer and a heady opening of Madagascan vanilla on the nose, followed by hints of clove spice. On the palate the initial drive is fresh green apples, then the clove flavour from the nose is there, but accompanied by warm cinnamon notes. The finish slips into a red berry flavour with vanilla and a hint of cherry bakewell.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The light straw shimmer of this liquid hints at the cast lineage of this single malt that is 100% ex-Bourbon casks; that’s confirmed by the heavy Madagascar vanilla opening on the nose followed by a suggestion of sweet, clove spice that develops over time.

Palate: On the palate it’s initially driven by orchard fruits like apple; the clove returns but now with cinnamon as the palate develops.

Finish: The finish moves away from citrus into a red berry compote with vanilla cheesecake and a pronounced cereal spice finish.

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Game of Thrones: House Tyrell – Clynelish Reserve

Clynelish Reserve Single Malt Whisky

House Tyrell

House Tyrell of Highgarden rules over the Reach, the lush and fertile region of Westeros whose abundance feeds the realm. The Tyrell golden rose is beautiful but hides razor sharp thorns beneath the surface. They have lived up to their house words of Growing Strong, defending their position of power with weapons of sharp words, sharp minds and sharp actions.

Like the Reach, Clynelish is positioned among green pastures and rolling hills, with scenic views of the North Sea. The fruity, waxy and sea-spicy flavours of this single malt are said to come from the water of Clynemilton burn, which runs over seams of gold in the rock. And while this vibrant golden Scotch is light and floral, like House Tyrell, it’s not to be underestimated with its underlying complex combinations of Highland and maritime qualities.

This light-gold Scotch initially offers fresh fruit flavours – such as mango and pineapple – before slipping into rich, sweet vanilla notes. It finishes with sweet, maritime notes that mingle with the light floral flavours which warm and build throughout, leaving the signature sweet Clynelish waxiness behind.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Bursting with fresh tropical fruits like papaya and mango.

Palate: This single malt bursts with fresh tropical fruits and slowly subsides into a rich, creamy vanilla character with light floral notes.

Finish: The finish is deeply complex with subtle sweet, maritime notes revealing the signature Clynelish waxiness lingering on the palate.

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Bunnahabhain Cruach-Mhòna

Limited Edition Release – Travel Retail.

Gaelic for ‘Peat Stack’, Cruach-Mhòna is a limited edition malt with strong notes of smoke and peat. Hints of burning grass, hay and sweet herbs burst into flavours of malt, nuts, fruit, white pepper, seaweed, peat smoke and sea salt.

On the remote and magical isle of Islay, peat has long played a crucial role in the lives of the islanders. It would be cut and left to dry in a Cruach-Mhòna – meaning ‘peat stack’ in English – and these skillfully sculpted features were once a common sight on the island. The smell of burning peat would have been an integral part of the island, just as it’s a core characteristic of this distinctive limited edition malt. We carefully sourced strongly peated, malted barley, and left the liquid slowly maturing in hand chosen casks until it was ready for bottling in this small batch release. And because we don’t chillfilter Cruach-Mhòna, it’s pure and powerful, just as nature intended.

Cruach Mhòna [pronounced croo-ach vona], was one of Bunnahabhain’s first Travel Retail Exclusives and is the only Bunnahabhain Mòine (peated malt) available exclusively to World Travellers. The light golden tone belies a whisky of deeply complex flavours. An energetic burst of herbal malt and fruit is followed by rich spice and aromatic peat smoke. 

This peaty dram combines the delicate, salty mist of the sea with the sweet scent of burning grass to create a lingering, smoky flavour.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale gold

Nose: Crisp and lively sweet peat, with herbal hay, dry smoke and burning grass

Palate: Starting light, malty and sweet, developing into smoky white pepper and seaweed saltiness

Finish: Lingering dry smokiness with seaweed and spice

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Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection

In addition to Balvenie, Glendullan, Glenfiddich, Kininvie and Mortlach, the Dufftown Distillery is the sixth distillery near the small town of Dufftown, in the county of Banffshire in the heart of Speyside. Between the mountains and the sea, this area, world-famous for its numerous whiskey distilleries, is sometimes referred to as the “Garden of Scotland”.

Built in 1895 by four business people on the site of an old mill where the Dullan and Fiddich rivers meet, it has had an eventful history. After it went into operation at the beginning of November 1896, the distillery went to the owner of the Blair Atholl distillery in Pitlochry, “P. Mackenzie & Co. “. When the end of Prohibition in the United States of America shot up whiskey demand, Perth’s Arthur Bell & Sons bought both the Blair Atholl and Dufftown distilleries. From that moment on, Dufftowns whiskey was one of the main ingredients in the successful “Bell’s” whiskey blend. In 1968, the company’s own malt house was closed, and in 1974 and 1979 the distillery was expanded to include two stills. In 1985 “Guinness” finally bought the Dufftown distillery, after the merger of “Guinness” and “Grand Metropolitan”, the Dufftown distillery is now part of “Diageo”.

The unmistakable taste of ‘The Singleton’ perfectly full-bodied, balanced and soft comes from the unique selection of barrels! You store in oak wood – this is naturally porous, so that it absorbs aromas from the outside. These can affect the taste of the individual bottling from previous storage – port wine, brandy, sherry, cognac or other whiskey was previously stored in the barrels. These barrels deliver rich, fruity flavors, the American ones release honey-sweet vanilla tones. The full-bodied, soft Singleton of Dufftown 12 years is the perfect introduction for customers who are rediscovering the world of single malts. This soft, naturally full-bodied single malt whiskey offers sweet, fruity notes and a lasting, pleasant warmth. The aromas of roasted nuts complement each other perfectly with the taste of black currants, brown sugar and espresso. Serve it with a little water, this brings out the fruity-sweet aromas of the classic Speyside. This soft and mild drop in its wonderful packaging is an ideal gift for everyone who is rediscovering the world of malt whiskeys. The Singleton of Dufftown 12 years has an ABV of 40.0%. bottled.

Aroma: Roasted nuts and fruity sweetness. Dates and apples are surrounded by mild oak.

Taste: Soft, fruity full-bodied. Balanced sweetness of black currants, cane sugar and espresso.

Finish: Medium to long. Elegantly crunchy and at the end warming with sherry and caramel.

Color: amber.

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Kyasuku – Japanese Whisky

This blended whisky is finished in Japanese Mizunara casks resulting in a distinct light and fruity expression. It has a fruity & floral bouquet with sweet pear, melon and apple on the nose as well as a touch of woody depth.  The pallet is quite light and delicately sweet with exotic flavours of orange, ginger, dried apricot, cinnamon, fudge, nuts & vanilla. The Mizunara cask lends a clean, slightly spicy finish on the palate.

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Tamnavulin Red Wine Cask

tamnavulin red wine cask

On the southern edge of Speyside, in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, lie Tamnavulin Distillery. The distillery was opened in 1966. Tucked away on the banks of the River Livet the small group of skilled, time-served craftsmen at Tamnavulin create a classic Speyside whisky.

Matured in American oak barrels and finished in Spanish Grenache red wine cask to complement the sweet, mellow and smooth taste of Tamnavulin.

Mahogany gold in colour, this aromatic Speyside single malt offers enticing aromas of caramelised oranges and marzipan with nuances of vanilla and custard. Charming notes of red berries with subtle note of toffee apple, peach and coffee on the palate.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Mahogany gold

Nose: A fragrant fusion of freshly cut flowers, caramelised oranges and marzipan with nuances of vanilla and custard

Palate: A barrage of flavours beginning with white chocolate and red berries followed by toffee-apple, peach and coffee

Finish: Lingering and elegant – a portrait of freshness


*Info taken from bottle

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Isle of Jura Red Wine Cask Finish (Cask Edition)

Isle of Jura Red Wine Cask Finish

Welcome to Jura.

A few miles off the west coast of Scotland you will find our island: Remote, sometimes wild, yet always beautiful. Home to 200 islanders, one road, one pub and one distillery. Since 1810 this unique island malt has been our greatest endeavour and our greatest reward. Its creation the heart of an unbreakable bond between our island, our people and our whisky.

Cask Edition

Today, we celebrate this connection between the land and the spirit with our unique cask editions. Bringing the distinctive regional flavours of selected European wine casks to our island malt, this unique red wine cask edition continues to explore the world of cask finishes in ever more innovative ways. It is fruity, full bodied single malt – a special whisky for special moments.

Deep mahogany gold in colour, this spirit arrives with exciting aromas of succulent sultanas, creamy caramel and black forest fruits followed by the merest hint of heather honey.

On the palate, it reveals the distinctive and delightful flavours of the red wine casks, with hints of raspberry and strawberry. All culminating in a final burst of creamy vanilla and cinnamon spice.


  • COLOUR: Deep mahogany gold
  • NOSE: Sultanas, creamy caramel, black forest fruits and a hint of heather honey
  • TASTE: Raspberries, strawberries, creamy vanilla and cinnamon spice
  • CASK FINISH: Initially matured in American White Oak ex bourbon barrels, finished in hand-selected European red wine casks to deliver a perfect balance of rich berry flavours.


*Info taken from bottle

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Game of Thrones: Six Kingdoms — Mortlach 15 yr old

Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky aged 15 years and finished in ex-bourbon casks.

Six Kingdoms

Mortlach 15 Year Old

The three-eyed raven, a human who once lived among the Children of the Forest beyond the Wall, has the power to see beyond the constraints of time to uncover the past and present stories of Westeros and even reveal flashes of the future. As those stories unfold to impart wisdom and knowledge, they are intertwined and woven into the tapestry of the Six Kingdoms, all while beyond the horizon and above the clouds the three-eyed raven watches with a thousand eyes, and one.

Mortlach, Dufftown’s first legal distillery has equally been influenced bt the people in its history. George and Alexander Cowie were integral influences for both the distillery and surrounding community, with George holding the esteemed title of Provost and Alexander developing Mortlach’s signature method to distill the liquid exactly 2.81 times – a complex process as unique as the three-eyed raven itself. Evocative of the past and crafted for the future, this fifteen year old Single Malt Whisky has been finished in ex-bourbon casks, imparting a bold, smooth taste with notes of vanilla and spice befitting of those with a noble palate.

This Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whisky that has been aged for 15 years, is presented in a metallic gold canister that features an intricate pen and ink drawing of the Three-Eyed Raven as seen throughout the eight seasons of the series. The Six Kingdoms packaging pays homage to the last Greenseer, whose ability to see beyond the constraints of time and unravel the intricate stories that held the tapestry of Westeros together proved to be his ultimate power.

The Mortlach Distillery is built on the site of a historic battle and is the first to legitimately rule over Dufftown’s whisky trade. Influenced by its own collection of historical figures, the Mortlach’s signature method to distil the liquid exactly 2.81 times is a complex process as unique as the Three-Eyed Raven character.

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Glenlivet 12 yr Old – Double Oak

Matured in European Oak and American Oak Casks to give a well balanced and fruity flavour.

As people go, George Smith was no ordinary man. After he licensed his whisky in 1824, he battled against all odds and established his smooth fruity Glenlivet as the definitive taste of Speyside. What George started continues to inspire our makers to create whiskies that are enjoyed by all far and wide.

Vibrantly gold in colour, this whisky entices you in. A silky, vanilla sweetness dances across your palate, followed by rich fruit and subtle marzipan spice intensifying your flavour experience.

Nose: Vibrant aromas of summer meadows and tropical fruits, notably pineapple.

Palate: Floral notes, smooth and sweet fruit notes of fresh peaches and pears, vanilla.

Finish: Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts


*Info taken from bottle

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Penderyn Icons of Wales series 7/50 : Rhiannon

Penderyn Icons of Wales series 7/50 : Rhiannon

The 7th in our Icons of Wales Series. ‘Rhiannon’ is a Sherrywood Grand Cru finished whisky at 46% abv.

Written in the Welsh language in the 11th century, The Mabinogi are the earliest prose work in the history of Britain. The interrelated tales deal in mythology, history, political themes, romances and magical fantasies. The stories feature strong women characters, and none are stronger than Rhiannon – an enchantress and a horse goddess who could ‘out-run any pursuer even whilst riding slowly’.

Rhiannon was famed for being intelligent, generous, strong-willed, otherworldly, adept at strategic planning and gifted with both supernatural and physical powers. On her journey Rhiannon uses magic to rid herself of a suitor, is falsely accused of infanticide, and later becomes one of only four survivors of a magical thunderstorm. Rhiannon in Welsh means ‘Great Queen’ or ‘Divine Queen.’ Her parents were the Fairy King and Queen of Gwent (in reality a sizeable Welsh Kingdom of ancient Britain), who educated her to handle sovereignty and governance. Rhiannon also possessed a number of magical birds who could soothe the living into a deep slumber, or wake the dead from eternal sleep.

Rhiannon later became the subject of Stevie Nicks’ song on the eponymous Fleetwood Mac album (1975): ‘She rules her life like a bird in flight…’ More recently Rhiannon has turned up in modern fantasy novels.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Spicy sweetness with the hint of vanilla; oak tannins, red berries, blackcurrants, hazelnuts, pears, sultanas and sweet marzipan

Taste: Smooth velvety sweetness; creamy caramel, figs, red berries, delicate frangipane, chocolate ganache and a touch of coffee

Finish: Sweet and dry with long lingering oak tannins


* Info taken from bottle


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